Police statistics reveal rates of violent crime continue to soar across the state

February 2, 2024 8:00 AM
Peter Collier
Shadow Minister for Police; Corrective Services; Culture and the Arts

Latest crime statistics show the Cook Labor Government has done nothing to slow the wave of violent crime sweeping Western Australia.

Shadow Police Minister Peter Collier said most West Australians didn’t need the figures released by Police yesterday to tell them there was more violence, more robberies and more drug offences; they were living the reality every day.

“A 39.6 per cent increase in the five-year average for family and domestic violence, as at June 30 last year, is a truly grim and heartbreaking statistic,” Mr Collier said.

“How can the Cook Government possibly expect the public to believe it is doing all it can to protect the women and children in this state?”

The latest figures also showed a 17.9 per cent increase in non-family assaults over the five-year average.

“Having been protected by the cloak of COVID for two years, the Labor Party has lost sight of what it takes to govern, particularly in the vital area of law and order,” Mr Collier said.

 “The Cook Government has completely ignored the legitimate concerns of police officers on our streets and the consequence is record levels of crime and record resignations from our police force.

“The solution of the Minister for Police is to use the absurd excuse that police are leaving for ‘other opportunities’ as he swans off to the United Kingdom to poach their bobbies.

“That won’t solve the problem, won’t make police morale any better, won’t reduce crime and won’t make our streets and state safer.’

Mr Collier said crime in the regions was literally destroying the fabric of many country towns.

“Since the end of the Covid pandemic Albany has seen a 36 per cent increase in crime, Karratha has 51 per cent increase, Broome has seen an 18 per cent and Kalgoorlie has seen a 33 per cent increase,” he said.

“Again, the Minister’s solution is completely short sighted – to use the FIFO (Operation Regional Shield) officers to flood a town in crisis for a few weeks,” he said.

“Of course, the problem with this ‘solution’ is evident to everyone apart from the Minister; as soon as the temporary officers leave a town, the crime once again escalates.

“We desperately need to adopt a more comprehensive and whole-of-government approach to combating crime, particularly in the regions.

“This must commence with addressing the continued haemorrhaging of our valued police officers.” 

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