WA Liberals to hit 2050 target with prices down and the lights on

May 24, 2024 12:00 PM
Libby Mettam
WA Liberal Leader
Steve Thomas
Shadow Minister for Energy; Industrial Relations

A WA Liberal Government will deliver Western Australia’s energy transition and meet our 2050 targets while keeping lights on, and air conditioners running, at a price families can afford.

“Roger Cook is setting WA families up for regular blackouts, with an unrealistic plan to manage the transition to net zero,” Shadow Energy Minister Steve Thomas said.

“The Cook Labor Government is planning on ripping almost 1,000MW of baseload generation over the next six years, without enough renewable generation and storage to replace it.

“A WA Liberal Government would build 300MW of new gas generation capacity, and boost gas supply in the Dampier to Bunbury Natural Gas Pipeline so there is enough affordable energy to keep WA families from sitting in the dark.”

Extensive industry consultation has revealed alarm at the Government’s headlong rush to remove generation capacity, without a realistic plan to replace it.

Industry expects the renewable transition, while preventing blackouts and load shedding, will require significantly more generation and storage capacity than the Cook Labor Government has planned.

A WA Liberal Government will continue with the plan for 4,400MW of lithium battery storage and 810MW of wind generation but we will also extend the lifespan of Collie A and Muja Units 7 and 8 coal fired power stations, until new gas generation is built.

“We will maintain coal use where necessary, until gas generation is ready to replace it, and then use gas to take WA to a high-technology, low-emissions future,” Dr Thomas said.

Under the WA Liberal’s plan, it is anticipated the construction period for WA’s new gas generation capacity would commence in 2027, with construction completed in 2030.

“The WA Liberals are committed to meeting our target of being carbon neutral by 2050 – but it cannot come at a cost of reliability or affordability for Western Australian families,” Libby Mettam, WA Liberal Leader said.

“As a Government, we will invest in – and stimulate private sector investment in – renewable capacity and storage, beyond what has been promised by the Cook Labor Government.

“We will retain most of the investment currently planned, but we will get our priorities straight and direct the investment of taxpayers’ money to deliver a better outcome for WA.  

“Families should not be faced with unaffordable, unreliable electricity because of reckless policy during a cost-of-living crisis,” Ms Mettam said.

“A Liberal Government will deliver a transition to cleaner energy that will keep the lights on, and the air conditioners running, at a cost WA families can afford,” said Dr Thomas.

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